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Page history last edited by Brock Baker 11 years, 4 months ago

For the second part of my ISU I plan on sticking with my original question- Is there a soulmate for everyone? Though I am adding: If so, will we ever find them?



**Please comment on my page! I would really appreciate everyones opinion on my ISU question! :)**

Comments (11)

JO37 said

at 1:15 pm on Feb 12, 2009

good question, could there be soulmates, and if so, how would you ever know who it is? Theres alot of people in the world, maybe theres more males then females and vice versa, but would that matter?

Zubie said

at 11:27 pm on Feb 18, 2009

Here is a really crazy thought: maybe we all do have soulmates, but we do not always tend to be alive at the same time...for example you April could have a soulmate, but he may have lived thousands of years ago, or maybe hes alive now, or maybe hes not even born yet....do soulmates have to be alive at the exact same time?

Sarah Milley said

at 1:27 pm on Feb 20, 2009

I don't believe everyone has one specific soul mate. Just like sara said, what if your soul mate lived like a thousand years ago? You would never really know. And if you fall in love now you think its your soul mate but for all you know they have already been and gone. I think everyone is compatible with way more then one person, thats why it is not overly difficult to fall in love and find "the one"

Leke the Boss said

at 6:05 pm on Mar 9, 2009

lol what if your soul mate lived thousands of years ago? no matter how you look at this question i believe that everyone does have a soulmate because you might have a soulmate but its up to you to find it. Well sometimes that can be determined by fate if it exists because if fate exists then it could be possible that fate dtermines if we find our soulmate or not and even if fate doesnt exists some people ignore the facts or just wont like the results of thier soulmate. They could be looking at thier soulmate right in the eye daily but never know (it could even be a good friend) so just becuase you dont know them or see them doesnt mean your soulmate doesn't exist or had exist. Whether if they were alive a year ago, 20 years ago or even if they aren't even born yet the fact is you still had a soulmate.

Brock Baker said

at 9:12 am on Mar 10, 2009

April, you should read Aristophanes' speech in Plato's Symposium - not too long and a beautiful story.

Greg said

at 10:29 pm on Apr 2, 2009

I believe everyone has a soulmate IN YOUR OWN TIME, it's just up to you to find it. perhaps there were people who were slightly more compatible in the past, but there is someone compatible enough to be called a 'soulmate', the only problem with my theory is where do you draw the line? must it be a 'perfect' soulmate?

Amanda Woodburne said

at 12:04 pm on Apr 6, 2009

I think the point being raised about soulmates in a different time is an interesting one I never thought of before. It's a great idea, but I don't think I believe in reincarnation, so I dont think it wo uld be possible. I really want to believe in soulmates, but the fact is that people fall in and out of love so many times, I don't think its possible. If everyone does have a soulmate, why does the divorce rate keep increasing.

JO37 said

at 12:45 pm on Apr 28, 2009

I believe there could be, though we may never find them, as we talked about:P

JO37 said

at 11:58 am on May 15, 2009

As almost everyone believes there is a soulmate for everyone, how could you be sure that the "soulmate" you presume to be your soulmate, really is your soulmate, say as i love a woman, but how can i be positive that she is my soulmate, also, if you find a soulmate, does that exactly mean you to are bound to stay with each other, know what i mean? Is soulmate exactly what people say it is, when found they stay together forever, or is it just another false fairytale?

April Dolson said

at 12:40 pm on May 17, 2009

thanks for the imput joel! :P I do know what you mean by the way! :)

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