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Can Science and Religion Co-Exist

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Can Science and Religion co-exist?


Could one argue that science and religion derive from each other, or are the two simply too contradictory?


With the development of language, the human race had quite the spark in intellect. With the introduction of language being fairly recent (approx. 100,000 years) one could potentially argue that

the evolution of the human race lead to the development of religion because people could then express beliefs.

If we're talking about a religion which involves a deity, could science be a tool at the deity's disposal to help the ignorant human race to better understand their environment and themselves?


Science and religion can go hand in hand, many times religion answers what science can't, and science gives us reassurance in what religion has provided us with. Religion seems to evolve along with the development of the human race, they change together which is conincidental? Or maybe purposeful- “planned” by a deity.

Is religion something man-made to understand what science has not yet been able to explain to us?


Science is a tool that is used to deepen our knowlegde of how, religion and faith deepen our knowledge of why. Maybe it's no a question of the two co-existing but the human race being able to understand their relationship. However, sometimes the how and why conflict and make things more confusing than before.

Is trying to connect science and religion only confusing the two and lowering the value of both of the beleifs?


Is it possible that science and religion are a pair, or even work as one to explain things to us more thoroughly and that we as humans are unable to accept that fact?


The conflict between science and religion could be seen as man-made. Of course there are things upon which they disagree, however that is only what we have discovered or understand. As our knowledge deepends we seem to work out the kinks that exist between the two.


Understanding the divine seems impossible to us as humans, science helps us to make sense of what is going on around us. It is also possible that humans developed science to make sense of the world.


Some similarities:


-        some shared “rules” of religion avoid harming our bodies or have scientific reasoning

-        if there is a creator who created all, the existence of religion would mean that science is created by a religious belief, therefore creating a connection between the two.


Some Differences


-        a lot of religious sacred texts conflict with scientific findings or vice versa.

-        Many religious creation stories conflict 100% with science (ex. Adam and Eve)


            Can we rely on sacred text?

            Can we rely on science?




Great article, about evolution and religion


"Science's domain is to explore nature, God's domain is in the spiritual world, a realm not possible to explore with the tools and language of science. It must be examined with the heart, the mind and the soul- and the mind must find away to embrace both realms." Francis S. Collins





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