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Hanuman Image 


 By: Mallory Kohn and Katie Hicks

Lord Panch Muka Hanuman is one of the many forms of the Lord Hanuman.  He is a five faced lord who holds ten weapons.  The faces are in the form of Varaha, Garuda, Hanuman, Narasimah, and Hayagriva.  The five faced Lord Hanuman is able to reveal the divine truth to the seeker through his five faces.   

Ÿ         His feat, are famous for leading a monkey army to fight the demon King Ravana. 

Ÿ         His loincloth represents his life-long pursuit of a celibate, almost ascetic lifestyle

Ÿ         His earrings refer to his first won battle.  The leader of the monkey world Vali, created a missile using five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin.  He stabbed Hanuman in the womb of his mother, but the missile melted and transformed into a pair of earrings.

Ÿ         His crown represents his supreme authority. 

Ÿ         The boar head of Varaha represents health and exorcism, in his hands he holds a wheel and conch shell, and in the other hands he holds a sword making a gesture of blessing

Ÿ         The Human/Eagle head of Garuda represents magical skills and the power to cure snake bites.  He is shown holding a mace (club) and a sword.                                                                                   

Ÿ         The center face is that of Hanuman the monkey lord.  He represents courage and strength.  His customary weapon of a mace is shown at his feet symbolizing self-sovereignty, and the authority of power to rule and his hand is raised in a gesture of protection.  

Ÿ         The lion’s head of Narasimah represents fearlessness.  He is shown holding a mace, and a chakram (flat metal disk).

Ÿ         The final face the horse head of Hayagriva represents victory over enemies.  He is shown holding a trident of types, and an axe. 

 Through the first three faces, Varaha, Garuda, and Hanuman, Lord Panch Muka Hanuman reveals the souls past, present, and future.  In the fourth face he gives instructions to the soul on transcendence.  The fifth face shows Lord Panch Muka Hanuman starting to show the soul into the sublime process of transcendence. 


The image on Hanuman’s chest is of Rama and Sita.  His necklace and the image on his chest symbolize his true dedication towards them.  When Sita gave him the necklace, he began to break it and look at each individual pearl.  The residents of the city watched him and asked him the reason.  “I am looking for Rama and Sita," replied Hanuman. They laughed at him and his stupidity.  "But Rama and Sita are everywhere, including my heart" wondered aloud Hanuman.  Not understanding the depth of his devotion, they further teased him: "So Rama and Sita live in your heart, can you show them to us?" Hanuman proceeded to tare open his chest with his sharp talons, and inside his heart was an image of Rama and Sita. 


When Sita was stolen from her husband Rama by the demon Ravana, Hanuman leaps across the ocean to save her.  The speed of his jump pulled blossoms and flowers into the air after him and they fell like stars on the waving treetops, and the air burned from his passage creating red clouds in the sky.

Hanuman holding the mountain is a model for human devotion to god.  He was sent to the mountain to find a healing herb, but when he couldn’t identify the herbs he uprooted the mountain and brought it back with him.     



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