Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...


Basically this page is a place to post interesting stories/things you hear about in the news.  I'm a junkie - what can I say? I'm a nerd :)


Subliminal Messages

Can you judge someone's character just by their face?

Origin of life from the stars?

"They" can find you by your shadow!

Monogamous by Nature?

Invisibility Cloak

Heavy Metal is Harmless... Really

Gender Differencesteh

Twins Nature or Nurture?

Hypercosmic God


Mind reading invention

Transplant patients who have the donors memories

Can machines be persons?

Mind Reading Software - super trippy!


Born believers: How your brain creates God

Religion and our brains

Theory of Mind - Age Matters




From Bre:

Philosophers believe in the existence of ZOMBIES. Enough to debate over their plausibility at least ...

Some interesting links for you to peruse (which I found when doing my Philosophy of the Mind research) ...

Imagining Subjective absence: Marcus on zombies

Chalmer's Zombie Argument

Zombies Everywhere!

And there are so many more on this page, I don't even know the other ones to post ...

Main Page for Zombie Arguments