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New Question: What is justice?


can justice be equal for everyone?



Political and Social Philosophy

I chose my question as "What is Justice?" because I am curious of learning more about justice, what people think is fair and just, and why. I also chose this question because it looks at a completely different branch of Philosophy which I know very little about, or have studied yet so far this year. Please comment on my page, and answer my question of what you think justice is, and explain your reasoning.

3 Philosophers



1. John Rawls















Old Question:


Thursday, February 19, 2009 - What I have been able to come up so far is that these objects are all made up of atoms, that are broken down by something I am not so sure of yet, perhaps the natural forces of the earth. What I know is that these objects are made of atoms, broken down, and then are in a different state of form, therefore making a completely different object. When someone dies, they become a corpse, which then later dissolves back into the earth as soil, and is therefore reused in the universe. Now this comes to my next question to find out why everything ages with time, do the atoms dissolve into nothingness over time, or are they all reused? What is causing this breakdown?



Comments (14)

Greg said

at 1:15 pm on Feb 12, 2009

You can't really say time has an age because we don't know when it began. But we age with time because we get older. We have existed for a longer age of time.

Erik Bell said

at 10:21 pm on Feb 12, 2009

I think time has an age but it's probaly the same age as our universe so it would be impossible to find out

Zubie said

at 11:31 pm on Feb 18, 2009

For somethings, time is not an issue, do they still age? and plus what exactly is time? is it not only a way for humans to keep track of things? and why does time go on? maybe its like a circle and it keeps on repeating.

Mark P said

at 11:38 pm on Feb 21, 2009

Everything ages because nothing is permanent (if you look at the world that way). People age and decay because... well, I'm not quite sure. But it has something to do with not being able to complete biological processes and hormone production. Things (books, rocks, structures) corrode and become worn usually because the get struck by something which has great enough force to break molecular bonds.
Speaking of molecules, you might want to look into radioactivity, where atoms spontaneously break down.

sebastien said

at 5:44 pm on Feb 24, 2009

for material things, like mark said, i think it's just general wear and tear. But for living beings, there are only theories of why we age. Maybe it's built into our genome.

sebastien said

at 5:46 pm on Feb 24, 2009

i forgot to add that maybe people die, because living in a world with no death would be.. unreasonable? considering we live in a reasonable universe

Mark P said

at 12:44 pm on Apr 21, 2009

Justice is the application of the law in a correct and sensible manner as a means to maintain social order.
Or at least that's the definition in my own words.

Heather Crumplen said

at 12:07 pm on Apr 28, 2009

justice is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, fairness, and equality.

Greg said

at 12:36 pm on Apr 28, 2009

Justice is when something has happened to throw off balance, and justice is believed to balance things out. That is why whenever you see court symbols, it is always the weight thingy(not sure what it is called, I'll find a picture though)

Greg said

at 12:37 pm on Apr 28, 2009

Zubie said

at 12:48 pm on May 1, 2009

justice is what we act upon when rules of our society and morals have been broken or called in to question. justice i think is a subjective thing, i mean it changes place to place and is influenced in other places. so the idea of justice must then be to correct or punish what we think is wrong.

Rebecca Pratt said

at 12:03 pm on May 11, 2009

Justice is the concept of moral rightness based on your ethics, rationality, law, natural law, fairness, religion and equity.

Dylan Burnham said

at 12:32 pm on May 11, 2009

i believe that justice is based on more law rather than ethics or your personal beliefs.

Zubie said

at 5:21 pm on Jun 3, 2009

but aren't laws just the collective moral stand point of majority of the population?....

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