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Rama Image

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Rama Image



About Rama


>7th incarnation of Vishnu

>first son of King Dasharatha

>born to rid the earth of Demon King Ravana

>married Sita after breaking Shiva's bow

>was banished from Ayodhya

>wife was kidnapped

>rescued his wife

>after defeating Ravana was crowned king in Ayodhya




 Lord Rama is a representation of an ideal man. In more or less every picture of Ram, you will see him with a bow over his strong shoulder (Ajanu Baha), a quiver on his back, an arrow or a blessing gesture in his right hand and often with companions Sita (his wife), Lakshmana (his brother) and Hanuman (loyal monkey attendant). Ram's skin is bluish because it shows his relationship with Vishnu and Krishna also, Ram has a 'tilak' on his forehead which is a decorative and identifying mark commonly worn by priest, ascetic or a worshiper showing which Hindu tradition is followed.







Bow: shows he is ready to defend against evil forces


Blue Skin: shows relationship between himself, Vishnu and Krishna


Tilak: shows his place in the world (rank) and religious beliefs


Quiver: shows he is ready to defend against evil forces


Clothing: he is a prince

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