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Ricky Murray

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WhAt Is BeAuTy?


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dilly said

at 1:03 pm on Mar 6, 2009

i know i'm not in the class but... beauty.. i think what beauty is can be determided by personal opinion and your own perception. Beauty is a different thing for everyone.

Zubie said

at 12:30 pm on Mar 7, 2009

i think that beauty can sometimes be something that inspires you to do something. Maybe it is something that we humans are always searching for and sometimes we lose sight of what really is beautiful because soceity tells us otherwise. In either case, it seems that true beauty is a rare thing, like Dillian said above, beauty depends on the person and their perception.

Zubie said

at 12:35 pm on Mar 7, 2009

i spelled Dylan wrong....my bad....

Leke the Boss said

at 11:25 pm on Mar 9, 2009

I think that beauty is determined by peronsal opinion as well, beauty is different for others it really depends on the person. For example there is a rock and it could be ugly to one person but beautiful to another person. But in that case if one tinks sometin is beautiful that means truly that something is beautiful just that peoples view and aspects are on different levels that one may be missing out on the beauty spmething sort of like what we discussed in class i think it was aristotle where some people such as philosophers cann see the beauty everywhere as for some actually many cannot.

Cailin Whincop said

at 3:44 pm on Mar 11, 2009

As previously stated, beauty is scaled differently from different people. I think that beauty can be somthing inspiring as Sara said, but also could be intriguing, leading to new interests in life, possibly alleviating or soothing.

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