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Baruch de Spinoza

~ 1632-1677 ~






  1. What was Spinoza the first to apply? To what?
  2. What did Spinoza say about God and nature?
  3. What operation of Descartes did Spinoza reject?
  4. What did Spinoza claim about "thought" and "extension?"
  5. What did Spinoza mean by a "mode?"
  6. What sort of view of the natural world did Spinoza have? Why isn’t God a puppeteer?
  7. According to Spinoza, we can live as free beings only when we what?
  8. What according to Spinoza do we need to do for true happiness and contentment?


Comments (1)

Zubie said

at 9:08 pm on Apr 27, 2009

1. He was the first to apply a historico-critical interpretation to the Bible.

2.He identified God nature with God. He said God is all, and all is in God. The maintained that the world is in God or nature. God is part of the world and is not something that is outside, but rather inside.

3.He believed that there was only one substance, unlike Descrates who believed in two: thought and extension.

4.He said that thought and extension were two of the attributes of God. He said that God manifests itself either as thought or extension.

5. He meant that a mode is the particular manner which Substance, God or nature assumes (the 'type'of attribute in a specific form).

6. Spinoza had a determinist view of the material or natural world. God is not a puppeteer because a puppeteer controls the puppets from outside, being the outer cause. But God on the other hand is the inner cause and is therefore part of the puuppet world and not the puppeteer.

7.He believed that only when we are free to develope our innate abilities can we live as free beings.

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