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Sydney Sun

Page history last edited by Sydney 11 years, 8 months ago


If anyone has any last minute contributions to my question, SPEAK NOW.

"Is there one person for everyone?"  


Thanks a million! (:




Comments (23)

Connor said

at 6:34 pm on Sep 17, 2008

Yes, I think there is a person for everyone, they just have to try really hard to find their "other half" to complete themselves. The hard part is actually finding this person. Most people tend to think that their "soulmate" is the opposite gender of them, lives in a modern country and speaks their language and is around the same age as them. But what if there not? They could be the same gender, live in China and not even be born yet. I think that most people end up giving up because they've accepted that there is another perfect person for them, but they just can't spend anymore time looking for them and need to find someone "of lesser value" even though that sounds terrible and just try to have a happy life because that biological clock doesn't tick forever.

Robin said

at 4:37 pm on Sep 18, 2008

i don't think theres one person for everyone, i think that there are certain qualities about people that other people are attracted to but a "soul mate"? if there was one person meant for everyone, why would they be so hard to find? their meant for you afterall

Connor said

at 5:50 pm on Sep 18, 2008

Well, they would be hard to find because they could be ANYONE! There is 33 million people in Canada and 1 of them could be your "soul-mate" but you also forget about the US, S.Africa, All of Europe, Japan, Korea and all over. Out of (estimated guess) 100 trillion people in the world and only 1 is your "soul-mate", I think it's a bit harder than those "Find Waldo" books we read as children.

Mitch said

at 6:59 pm on Sep 18, 2008

To believe that everyone has a soulmate, you have to believe that someone or something, a deity of some sort, made it that way. If they did, they'd obviously intend for you to meet one day, or else what kind of sick joke is that? Most people die without ever meeting anyone they would consider their soul mate, so I mean... come on.

But that's not exactly what her question is asking; it's just asking if there is someone out there. Not that someone was born to be perfect for you or that there's only one, but if there's at least one person for you to love. This doesn't mean it's some spiritual connection at all.

And I believe that each of us probably has hundreds or thousands of people out there that would make an 'ideal spouse'.

Sydney said

at 2:55 pm on Sep 20, 2008

lmao where's waldo.. good analogy haha

Kelly Steeves said

at 5:50 pm on Sep 21, 2008

I believe that humans arent just one person in there lifetime. I believe we change over the course of our lives and become something different especially after drastic events maybe one such as a spouses death. If you went through something so "life changing" maybe spending every day for 5 years beside your loved ones sick bed, it would shape you in some way differently. after coming out of certain circumstances you are different in some way, not physically but mental and emotionally. i think this is what causes people to remarry and maybe find a second soulmate. in response to Plato i think that we take on different journeys to find our other halves as we change in our lives, maybe the kid you thought was your soulmate in highschool will no longer seem that way when your finished university or writing new chapters in your life.

Mitch said

at 7:24 pm on Sep 21, 2008

Wow Kelly, you're definitely smarter on the internet. :)

Leah said

at 8:40 pm on Sep 21, 2008

I don't think there is ONE person. People tend to find who they label their "soul mate" right around where they live, or in their country at the farthest. What are the chances of that? Who knows, your true soul mate could be somebody living in Russia. They could live in Australia, or Japan, or the Philippines. They could live anywhere, but we'll never meet them. Even if we did, we'd never know how perfect they could be, since we probably wouldn't speak their language.

I'm babbling.:|

Kristie said

at 7:49 pm on Sep 24, 2008

i think there is such a thing as a soul mate and you may meet them or you may not..and as for when you marry someone they might not be your soulmate but the next best choice to what you cant have...just a question though could your soul mate not exist in this world or be way older or younger than you

Connor said

at 5:05 pm on Sep 26, 2008

I don't think they could be an animal or an "alien" for the other wordly thing. But yes, I mentioned this before that they could be the same or opposite gender as you, live on the opposite side of the world and not even be born yet. But here's something to think about. Would you still marry your soulmate if they were the same gender? Or would societies impact on your life so far make you wanna marry oppisite gender and have a child you can really call you "own"? (as in came from inside me).

Deven said

at 10:53 pm on Sep 29, 2008

Time to warp your minds.. Studies have led some to believe that we look for partners with similar traits to us. Idk if you've ever heard of GSA but... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_sexual_attraction . There's been many cases of such happening.. The question is, are they really your soul-mate? o_O Because that's twisted.

Meagan Christou said

at 7:58 pm on Sep 30, 2008

I think we are using the wrong set of words: "Soul mate". The words soul mate to me seem so... intimidating. However because you worded the question in this way: Is there really one person for everyone? I would say yes to that statement. In terms of is there a person who can support you through thick and thin and be there for you: sure thing, I don't think it's a far fetched statement to say that there's quite a few "loving" individuals out there. Is there a person who is willing to spend their whole life with you? Probably, in the minds of the majority "settling down" is priority numero uno. Now, whetheror not you get along with that indivdual depends. I see my parents fight all the time, but they have been married for 20+ years and still love eachother. I don't think we would be human if we didn't have disagreements. They work through their problems and don't give up. If I think of any more points I will come back and cover them (hehe)
Now to address the whole: there could be someone on the other side of the world for me though!!! Think of it this way: did you grow up in the same culture? Do you have the same customs? Do you experience similar events? If the answer is no, then why would you think you would have similar interests as them? What makes you think that you will have "similar traits"? (as Deven brought up). Now I'm not saying it is impossible that you will not be able to get along with someone half way around the world, I just wanted to open your mind to a different route :P

James Hockin said

at 7:54 pm on Oct 6, 2008

I certainly hope not, because that going to be damn hard to find someone like me.

Kayla said

at 9:38 pm on Oct 20, 2008

I think that there are several people for everyone. I dont think that someone you end up with is predetermined. Relationships of any kind require commitment. It is located in your frame of mind, along with your values and morals. Pick one and make it work.

Connor said

at 10:04 pm on Oct 21, 2008

Thinking about the future, what would make me believe that they are truly the one? Well I've read and heard about how you just know and they "click" with you. I don't know too much about myself (lame I know) and its hard to actually think about what I really like, I could name a few things that they would have to like. Cats being one, and zombies of course. They would also have to put up and go along with my sense of humour and respect my peanut allergy (obviously, because, ya know, I can die).

I also like what you said about how they just "mesh" with my qualities.

Keep up the hard thinkin'

Meagan Christou said

at 12:06 am on Nov 26, 2008

Hm, yeah- thinking about it. Essentially if your partner's qualities and ideals "mesh" with yours than essentially they could be the one for you... now is this predetermined? I still can't seem to put any proof or atleast reason behind that one. But is there perhaps that ONE person out there for you... I certainly think there is one definite person who's "meshing" probability with you is certain. But I still beg to differ with the whole: the one for me if half way around the world waiting to be discovered kind of deal. Similar or sometimes idetical cultural and social aspects are key factors in (seemingly) prolonged relationships, so yeah, these things are still up for debate.

Mitch said

at 12:56 am on Dec 3, 2008

Here is a little song for ya, relating to your question:

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Hopefully it works.

Mitch said

at 12:56 am on Dec 3, 2008

Mitch said

at 10:05 pm on Dec 8, 2008

My answers to your new questions:

1. If you find the right person for you (I avoid the term soulmate), it is by chance (I avoid the term luck).
2. No, not a sin.
3. Perhaps not a chemical thing, but that's interesting anyway if you take it further. Maybe the reason people have a longing for or a very strong feeling that there is someone out there made perfectly for them is because of something in the mind or brain that can be logically explained.

Rest later. :P

Mitch said

at 7:21 pm on Dec 18, 2008

4. Perhaps there is a biological piece of us that just fits with another persons, like a puzzle, and this is what causes love?

The penis seems to fit right into the vagina. That's just one example I noticed. I heard it feels lovely.

5. What is love?

Not sure, why are you asking me? Oh, you're not. No really, this question is hard.

6. Is a soulmate for forever? Soulmate insinuates forever, but what if they can come and go? Can you have multiples in your life??

I would say no. If there are soulmates and souls, souls would be eternal, so should soulmates be.

7. Maybe if you actively participate in a certain religion and believe in a higher power you have a better chance of having one?

Maybe, but probably not.

8. Are we just stupid and we make up soulmates to feel better about using other people to "complete" ourselves?

It doesn't make us stupid, but yes we do that.

9. Is it possible that it all boils down to sexual attraction? That that intial attraction is what gives us that 'soulmate' feeling?

I would say no to that second part. We have initial attractions with many people, but it is rare for someone to claim someone else as their soulmate.

10. What does it feel like to have a soulmate? Is there a way to be certain?

Like hot chocolate after outdoor hockey.

Well, if you recorded the responses of people who have soulmates, then record the responses of people who are having hot chocolate after outdoor hockey, and see if they match up...

Connor said

at 4:13 pm on Dec 30, 2008

I don’t think it’s a ‘privilege’ to have a soul-mate, like you’ve been a good boy, here’s a soul-mate kind of thing. Also a soul-mate could potentially be luck, as some people find that one person and some people just can’t hold down a relationship. It could be considered lucky by someone looking onto someone’s relationship, as some people say “ohh, you two were meant for each other” or stuff like “you two are so cute!” Those people just want what you have and can consider themselves to be unlucky.

For the last part of this question, I’ll have to disagree with that one. Anyone can have a soul-mate as maybe two burglars meet and love robbing stores together, which, is considered a bad thing or being bad people. It’s not like a reward for being good to have a soul-mate, sure it might be easier to find that person depending on your where you stand in life. Job, money, house, personality wise.

Jennifer said

at 12:43 pm on Jan 4, 2009

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/02/080208172104.htm -oxytocin, hormones and brain stuff.

http://www.sciencedaily.com/search/index.php?type=news&keyword=soul+mate&section=mind&period=365&page=3 ----- there's the search thingy. i don't know how trusted this website is, but it lists the resource/university where the study was conducted. be careful though, because it's not the ORIGINAL journal and there may be some twisting of facts and lack of important information.

Sydney said

at 12:50 pm on Jan 4, 2009

thank you jennifeeer :)

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