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Two Cultures

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  1. To what culture do the Jews belong? To what culture do the Greeks and Romans belong?
  2. What does the Hindu Indian Veda, Greek philosophy, and Scandinavian mythology (eg. Snorri Sturluson's mythology) have in common?  To what do they all have leanings (next page)?
  3. What does polytheism mean?
  4. What was the most important sense for Indo-Europeans?  How did they view history?
  5. What does pantheism mean? 
  6. What fundamental idea do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share? What other view is common to these Semitic belief systems (view of history)?  Why is this important?
  7. What was the most important sense for Semitic cultures?
  8. Compare the “purpose” of Indo-European and Semitic religions?
  9. What was God’s covenant with Abraham?
  10. Who received the title Messiah and why?
  11. How did Jesus distinguish himself from other "messiahs?"
  12. Sophie’s teacher mentions that we learn something from Socrates and Jesus, what is it?
  13. What does the word "Christ" actually mean?
  14. How long did it take for the entire Hellenistic world to become Christian?
  15. What is stated as one central tenet of the Christian creed?

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