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Zoroastrianism: Beliefs

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What’s it all about?      


The basis of this religion is around Ahura Mazda (means Wise Lord) which is he who created all and has the power to destroy all. Any actions that were founded to be outside of the religious beliefs was a betrayal of themselves, everything and Ahura himself. The way in which situations turn out (either in favor of the follower or against them) all is consequence of the follower’s actions and beliefs. Also they believe that Ahura Mazda will change the Earth completely and time will stop forever, when this happens all that Ahura has created will be reunited with him, even those that have passed on, or betrayed his confidence.


What’s the most important?


People in this religion tend to have a great respect for family and their towns, to express this they donate regularity to charities and schools. Also because of their great respect of the elements they do not pollute their rivers, the earth or the air, and they believe that fire is a representation of “God’s light, and God’s wisdom.” Also as a part of their prayers they all commence purification to help clear their body and their minds.  


Where do we go from here?


Zoroastrian people also believe that you may go to heaven or hell in your after life, depending on what you accomplished in your lifetime, such as prayed several times a day and contributed to your society in a positive matter, would go to heaven. Someone who strays from the religious guidelines, who pollutes or does not follow the teachings of Prophet Zoroaster, could have believed to go to hell.     







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